Karma Drum L


The Karma drum is a powerful tool for unlocking musical creativity in early learners. A tonal percussive instrument with a mesmerising sound, the Karma drum never fails to grab and retain the attention of Children of all ages. The simple pentatonic tonal design allows early learners to experiment with rhythm and melody without ever hitting a wrong note, inspiring confidence, interest in music and serving as the perfect stepping stone towards more challenging instruments.

It is an accepted fact that much of the foundations of musical aptitude are laid during the very early stages of conscious development. Designed in a set of complimentary keys, the three sizes of Karma drum can be played together seamless. This allows individuals with pre-musical consciousness to cooperate in a way that reinforces rhythmic and harmonic concepts at this crucial time. Used simply as a toy the benefits are considerable. As a learning tool within structured play the Karma drum can be the key to unlocking a musical future for your child.
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