Taylor M

Taylor M

Favorite Drum: Djembe, Dunun

Toning Drum Percussion thanks Taylor for his hard work and dedication to help the children of China understand traditional West African Djembe Dundun & Culture. We also give a very special thank you for helping with the production of the Toning Drum Djembe book. The above audio file is from the book "Ten Steps to African Drumming"

All the audio recordings and all parts were played by Taylor.

Whether it is as an educator, video/recording artist or performer, Taylor brings a unique perspective to his craft. With the combination of a unique ability to communicate, instill discipline and promote creativity, combined with a broad range of life and professional experience, he focuses on the relationship between the individual and rhythm/drumming. This has led to an overall philosophy that seeks to bridge the gap between all things in rhythm, seeking to find where ones own personal pulse lies in relation to the collective pulse. By way of traditional West African or non-traditional styles, Taylor demonstrates the universality of rhythm in everything he does.

In 2006 received TAM TAM MANDINGUE DIPLOMA – the highest level of degree and certification in the Tam Tam Mandingue , International schools. In 2005, received the degree of TAM MANDINGUES TEACHING CERTIFICATE – Tam Tam Mandingue Certification and Diploma are a degrees in the djembe (and dunun) drum offered exclusively by Mamady Keita, Grand Master Drummer from Guinea West Africa. This certification was born as part of the school Mamady established in Brussels, Belgium in 1991, called Tam Tam Mandingue. Tam Tam Mandingue currently has branch schools in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.
 Principal drummer for MASTER DANCER MOUSTAPHA BANGOURA, hailing from Guinea, West Africa