TD-Karma Drum 25cm


Toning Drum (25Dia) cm Karma Stainless Steel Tongue Drum
Includes: Karma Drum, Bag, Mallets.

Do you order instruments from China. Then maximise your shipping space with the Karma Drum we produce these high quality instruments in Beijing.

The Karma stainless steel tongue drums are perfect for the first musical instrument of any age, as they are extremely easy to play, and no experience or knowledge is necessary. There is no wrong way to play the Karma drums. Played by finger tips or with beater sticks

The Karma drum is a melodic stainless steel tongue drum, with 8 notes in pentatonic scale that is precisely tuned by hand.
The 25cm diameter is in scale C

Playing Position:
The Karma drum has many different possible playing positions. You may position it on your lap, tabletop, or on a snare drum stand for example. Different playing positions will yield minor tonal variations. Again, experiment with each position to find which suits your style the best.

Fingertips: The technique for playing with your fingertips will take a little practice in order to achieve clear tones. If this is your first hand percussion instrument, experiment with different ways of striking the drum. There is no wrong way to do this- different techniques allow different kinds of sounds and styles of playing.
 IF you decided to use the mallets there is no need to strike the drum hard, use a gentle stroke and this will give you clear tones immediately.

Produced in China
Scale: C
Stainless Steel:2mm
25Dia *14H cm

(Minimum order: 5)