The new and exciting iTAP

iTAP is a small, portable, acoustic, percussion product that is designed for all genres of music. It can be used in any percussionist’s arsenal, as well being suitable for educational and therapy work.

100% designed and made in England the iTAP is the same size as a sheet of A4 paper and only 12mm thick, which makes it perfect for shops to store and post.

The playing surface is made from the same Grade A birch ply as our Legend Series drums and features a high density acoustic back; giving the iTAP a very sensitive playing surface that can be played with hands, brushes or even Hot Rods.

The iTAP comes complete with a percussion table that will mount on a symbol stand If you wish to play the iTAP in a standing position.

The iTAP can be played as a single percussion instrument as well as groups such as traditional marching and pipe band drumming - flexible for every musical setting.